Monday, December 14, 2009


Hi everyone,

I know it may look like nothing much is happening with Oz Squad lately, but that's not exactly the case. And what IS happening is really interesting.

What's happening is that Oz Squad members are emailing me suggestions for missions. The past few suggested targets have been small fish - just random bloggers - but their posts have been extremely offensive. So offensive, in fact, that I haven't really even wanted to subject Oz Squad members to the pain of reading them. It's sometimes hard to determine if a target like that is really worth it. Are we just fanning the flames by posting comments on a small blog? Can we make a difference? Are we elevating a person of no real consequence by reading/targeting his blog?

So, here's what has happened the past few times I have been directed to a site like that. November and I have visited the site, done a little background research on the author, and posted a few initial comments. We've really just been feeling out the target, seeing if an official CTA would be helpful. But with those initial emails, we have had some amazing results.

November and I have found that those bloggers were willing to pull their posts once they realized how offensive they were. Some have even sent apologies. It has happened more than once. So, before we even had a chance to launch a mission, the mission was over.

Thanks for the suggestions, and please keep sending them whenever possible. And remember that Oz Squad is having a real impact, even though it's not always obvious.