Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Book

It is not often you come across a writer for an arts and culture style magazine who gets all excited about using the term, “fucking retarded.” But Foster Kamer in his article titled, In Defense of Retarded, does just that.

In fact he ends his ridiculous diatribe with this paragraph, “I hereby advocate for Rahm Emmanuel, his rhetorical skills and the designation “fucking retarded.” We will do our best to carry this advocacy out in our usage henceforth. Anybody who has anything to argue to the contrary is, by definition, a fucking retard.”

Foster’s logic is faulty and his presentation is mean and extremely rude. Here's a guy who thinks that calling things he doesn't like "fucking retarded" is a joke that mentally retarded people should be able to "take" in order to be considered equal in our culture.

Let’s stop by and let him (and BlackBook) know he’s out of line, way out.