Friday, January 29, 2010

Black Book

It is not often you come across a writer for an arts and culture style magazine who gets all excited about using the term, “fucking retarded.” But Foster Kamer in his article titled, In Defense of Retarded, does just that.

In fact he ends his ridiculous diatribe with this paragraph, “I hereby advocate for Rahm Emmanuel, his rhetorical skills and the designation “fucking retarded.” We will do our best to carry this advocacy out in our usage henceforth. Anybody who has anything to argue to the contrary is, by definition, a fucking retard.”

Foster’s logic is faulty and his presentation is mean and extremely rude. Here's a guy who thinks that calling things he doesn't like "fucking retarded" is a joke that mentally retarded people should be able to "take" in order to be considered equal in our culture.

Let’s stop by and let him (and BlackBook) know he’s out of line, way out.


  1. Thanks Dan for keeping us posted. Hope all is well. I will go and take a look.

    Windmills and Tulips

  2. ahhhhhhh, you wouldn't believe the argument this provoked in my household. Discussion about the "nuances of using the word retarded as an insult". WT*! Good to get it out there, I guess... jen over @ only who i am

  3. There are nuances and I used to use the r-word carelessly. Hey, I even went to see Tropic Thunder when I was pregnant. The thing is, the whole simple jack thing and the never go full -r part was just not that funny and I didn't know who I was carrying at the time.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's too easy to make fun of the weak. It's not interesting or creative. Just lame.

    And that's the argument I'm using on this mission. I'm going in. Cover me.

  4. er, I guess I can't use the term lame really can I? Well it's just weak, poor and bereft of all originality

  5. Thanks for the mission. I just dropped in and added my $0.02 over at Black Book. Privately, I continue to do my part informing those who use it of the negative impact the "R" word has. Fortunately, in the world I travel, I don't hear it that often. That means all of our efforts are working. In dignified society, this word has already begun its fall from favor as so many other words have. That's the argument I posed over there. What we and people like us are doing is working whether he advocates for the use of the word or not. (Maggie Mae at

  6. just wanted to post this lovely link:

  7. Here's someone else saying the same thing as Foster Kamer but in a fancier way in a stuffier publication (US News and World Report). He also thinks he has a unique perspective because he has a relative with "Down's syndrome". It's all so depressing.

  8. I jumped in a little late on this one due to illness and other life factors. I posted a comment on the article and e-mailed BlackBook. Has anyone heard from BlackBook yet?