Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mission 2: The Hardest Choice

Allow me to present two articles in the Times Online. One is about a mother who aborted her baby when she found out it tested positive for Down syndrome. It is shocking. The other, paired with it in order to "balance" the story (I assume), is about a woman who chose to keep her baby. Our comments could help illuminate the issue.

Thanks to Rebecca for this link.

CLARIFICATION: After speaking with a friend who was confused by this mission, I realize I could have done a better job of clarifying my reasoning for this post. For the record, I am pro choice. I respect the fact that this mother made a very hard decision - a choice that feels right for her. What upsets me is the "white or wheat" presentation of the choice to abort babies with Down syndrome. I don't like the fact that it is so normal, so commonly accepted - sometimes even expected - that a mother would abort a child with Down syndrome. This attitude is offensive because it devalues the lives of these children and makes them seem disposable. And they are not. And yes, it is difficult to raise a child with Down syndrome. And it is painful and sad to learn of this diagnosis while pregnant. But it's a shame that so many people are not willing to face this challenge, because if they did, all children would have a greater world in which to grow up.


  1. Wow...that first article was unreal. She obviously didn't take the time to figure out that having Down syndrome DOES NOT mean pain and suffering. It surprised me that she thought that even knowing that her good friend has a child with Down syndrome. Her reasons were more selfish than out of love.

  2. She keeps saying they "lost" the baby. That bothers me. I am pro-choice but it I hate it when people say things like that. She didn't lose Kit, she killed Kit.

  3. Okay... that is the worst "balance" I've ever seen in op-eds. Honestly, there is so much wrong and disgusting with the first article that I wouldn't even know where to start (and I'm pro-choice, so that's not the issue for me). I might step up on this one in a couple days after I've thought about it some more... just need to wrap my head around how somebody stops their baby's heart, delivers the baby stillborn, but still wants to treat the baby like the baby you've always wanted. What?!