Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mission 3: Shame on is the parent of several wiki websites (sites that use wiki software to enable collaborative content development) including a wiki called and this website hosts a page titled, HowTo:Get Downs Syndrome.

(Warning: wait 45 minutes after eating before going to read this page. Otherwise, you will puke.)

I realize that since this is a wiki, any one of us, and everyone of us, can go there and alter this horrific content, however, I wanted to have it removed the polite way. So I contacted and explained that having a web page that encourages abducting, torturing, and raping (and killing... that’s the part under the blackout) individuals with Down syndrome is highly inappropriate, and um... even illegal, and certainly in violation of the wikia terms of use.

Their response? An unconvincing definition of dark humor for my edification... Here is an excerpt:
“The humor is often dark, mocking, satirical, and sometimes offensive. But, at its best, it can also be very funny as well as thought provoking and enlightening, giving a new twist to an old subject.”

I am guessing that sannse, the tech team responder to my complaint, did not actually read the page because you just can’t connect what is sitting on that page to anything “funny, thought provoking, and enlightening.”

sannse wrapped up with a suggestion to contact the Uncyclopedia folks with this caveat... “But please be aware that Uncyclopedia is not often amenable to removing articles due to offense alone and the atmosphere of mockery can often carry over into discussions.” Yeah, thanks for the warning and the brush off, sannse.

So guys, visit wikia’s special contact page and let them know that their condonation of the Uncyclopedia - HowTo:Get Downs Syndrome web page is intolerable. If you have other ideas for taking down this garbage, post them in the comments or, ahem, covertly do what you must.


  1. If anyone eventually wanted to do a little editing on the page, be sure to travel through a proxy server first so that you can revisit the page as needed. Otherwise they will block your ip address and you won't be able to make updates whenever you feel the need.

    Here is a list pf proxies you can use

  2. Mission appears to be accomplished. The page has been deleted.