Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily Emerald

I want to bring everyone's attention to a column written in the Oregon Daily Emerald:

Watching Words is a Lost Cause

Columnist Thomas Kyle-Milward's views on hate speech run counter to everything our group stands for. I think it's likely that he has never had any real experience being the target of a slur (although I am just assuming, here). But he writes like a person who views this whole pesky language problem as a very abstract and minor bother. He writes to tell us that we should just accept the reality that language changes over time, that words like retard aren't meant to personally offend us, and that instead of trying to change things we should devote our energy to something more worthwhile.

I hope everyone will take a few moments to leave a comment on his column.

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer.


  1. Done. But I have to say, his "argument" really is half-baked and logically inconsistent. Great responses in the comments, I thought. The author has left a comment trying to defend his position, but it seems to demonstrate how poorly thought out his commentary is.

  2. Done too - I'm thinking he is a student, which while is no excuse for the sentiment behind the comment, it does partially explain the poor logic and writing...

  3. How can a writer imply that words have no significance? I just don't get people sometimes.