Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New View

My little Sydney just turned two last month and my idea of normal has changed over the last two years. I got a prenatal diagnosis, so I knew ahead of time that Sydney would have Down syndrome. I remember the first thing I wanted was to talk to another parent of a child with Ds who also had additional children. I remember thinking… I want to know how “normal” my life was going to be, not how much it was going to change.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was connected to a family who had two beautiful girls, each was the same age as one of my boys. (Sydney was still cooking). We met for lunch and I watched my boys interact with her two girls, the youngest with Ds and I was put at ease. They were both just little girls. Even though their 3 year old daughter with Ds didn’t speak words yet, she understood what was going on around her and played and interacted just fine with my boys and her sister. That was all I needed.

Has my life changed since the birth of Sydney? Everyone on this OZ Squad knows that yes, indeed it did change. Would I change it? No, not at all. I have already learned so much about life and love that I would never change. Did I have fears and doubt when I was awaiting the birth of Sydney, absolutely I did, but she was designed to be exactly as she is, and I am blessed to be her mommy. Even when she is an ornery two year old… just like all her two year old friends.

Jeanette, mother to Zachary, Anthony, and Sydney


  1. Oh, I don't know... is it normal to be that cute? You sure are lucky to have her.